Martin Stass

Game Developer, Sound Engineer, Artist

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About Me

Who Am I

I'm 18y old student interested in modern technologies and everything connected with design, music, style and more.

What Do I Do

I can do many things such as programming standard C# applications in Visual Studio, Games in game engine Unity, 3D models in Blender, Photo edits in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Gimp/Affinity. I also compose music of any genere.

Why Choose Me

I love modern design and I want to make everything clear and easy understandable for people.


Web Design

I do webpages from scratch or using redaction systems such as Wordpress or another.


Logo from scratch based on your preferences or on our agreement, high quality export and also in vector if needed. Included merchandise preview.

3D Models

Any kind of 3D models exported in .fbx/.obj or another, also ready for 3D printing.

Computer Games

Any kind of game using Unity engine. Also with networking, data saving, highly optimised and with easy to play controls.

Mobile Games

Any kind of game also using Unity engine, optimised for mobile resolutions, both for IOS and Android

UX/UI Design

Clear UI for the best User Experience in your projects.

Music Production

High Quality music for movies, games, sketches or just for listening using studio technologies. Exported in .flac/.mp3/.wmv/.ogg and more...


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[email protected]

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