01 : About me

My name is Martin Stass and I am:

Game Developer & Programmer

During my career I was working on several projects including Secret War, Gomo 2, GrayZone, Volcanoids, LastWolves, SwampyFish etc. I have released 2 games, one on my own and one with the team. I was mainly focused on C# programming. I've also been working with 3D Art and textures, from scratch so I'm aware of how gamedev pipelines are working.

When I work, I bring everything to perfection along with feedback from my client.

Event Organizer

I Love organizing events in Gaming and Games Industry not only because it's my passion, but also because I love the atmosphere of well succeeded conference or festial. I have more than 7 esports tournaments behind me including my most successfull e-sport event Gamefair, which I Co-founded. Then I left the organization.

Afterwards I was working on my own conference focused on games, not on e-sports and Gamescrunch was born. It was made under the wings of self-created company Leveland Group, which connects multiple subjects in games industry.

Graphic Designer

I Love Aesthetics. It's part of my life to not make things just work, but they have to be pleasant for the human eye. During my work for Gamefair and Gamescrunch I was doing photography, graphic design and partly marketing.

Final words

Creating new things is my passion. Contact me in case you want to cooperate.